International Womxn's Day

Just some thoughts on this #internationalwomensday .... (a cool but also problematic celebration in my opinion because it perpetuates the gender binary and expression as exclusive and polarized)

I think that humxns create boxes and binaries and structure, in part, out of a desire to understand, find control and stay safe in certainty. But in reality the glowing humxn spirit is too big and beautiful to be labeled or understood. 

Most of the time seems that upon birth, babies are thrust into a room and dress of blue or pink, and a single narrative is set before them. I hope for a day in which the gender binary is absolutely demolished forever, and from the moment a baby is birthed into this horrible and beautiful world, they step into a life of free expression of love, life and self.

May we acknowledge the intertwining spectrums and marvelous complexities that collide to form a humxn spirit. And may all identities and expressions be celebrated.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.